Lighting Effects

Compact outdoor projector in a classic compact package. Able to produce remarkable light quality and takes advantage of the variety of the optics. Maximum protection rates and high resistance make it an ideal solution to enhance architectural and decorative elements. This luminaire is ideal for aquatic applications as it can be submerged to a depth of up to  3" 15/16.

  • AISI 316L stainless steel body and trim to maximize elegance and protection degree
  • Silicone gaskets guarantee a strong seal in order to maintain the IP rating
  • PMMA clear screen to maximize efficiency and light effects
  • Multi-direction adjustment and positioning for full customisation of the illumination
  • Assorted optics to achieve variety of effects
  • Suitable for submerged installations at a maximum depth of  3" 15/16
  • Available with spike for easy ground installation
  • Wide range of colour temperatures to ensure adaptability to projects requirements
Ideal solution to illuminate decorative elements, green areas, spa centers and fountains
TITO55 tito55
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