Lighting Effects

Floodlights for outdoor lighting TITO: excellent performance in a compact, essential and sturdy design. Totally adjustable and equipped with a wide range of optics,  TITO floodlights are perfect for enhancing architectures and greeneries with accent lighting  and decorative effects.

  • Small-size, essential design, that integrates seamlessly into any environment
  • High resistance: AISI 316L stainless steel body and trim guarantee maximum protection degree (IP68), even with high humidity; submersible up to 3' depth
  • Versatility: total adjustability and  wide range of optics available: from narrow beams, ideal to enhance architectural and natural details, to wall washer optics for accent lighting of cornices, facades, ashlar finishing, entranceways.
  • Available with Bluetooth Low Energy technology for remote control 
  • Application: illumination of parks and gardens, buildings and monuments, hotels, wellness centres, health resorts, decorative lighting, spas, fountains and tubs.