SG&A Notary Studio, Milan

Location: Milan, Italy

Client: Studio Notarile SG&A

Architect: Marietta Strasoldo Garden Design

Arcluce luminaries illuminate the beautiful space created by the garden designer Marietta Strasoldo on the terrace of the SG&A notary studio in Milan.

The wide office windows provide direct access to the terrace, where the sitting areas are distributed around two circular and three rectangular areas. A vertical wall delimits the terrace on the right side, while on the left side there is a balcony with a waterfall. The opposite side of the terrace entrance, facing the street, consists of steps decorated with plants and benches to avoid the direct view of the outside.

Arcluce, in collaboration with Progress Elettrotecnica, studied a lighting concept to enhance the charm of the location. TITO25 floodlights, in stainless steel with IP 68 degree, illuminate the thick vegetation; thanks to their compact size, these devices can be easily hidden into flowerpots to emphasize the light effects produced by the PMMA optical grade lenses.

TITO55 in stainless steel, with IP 68 degree and immersed underwater, illuminate the entire balcony with the waterfall, creating special lighting effects with the water and providing a spectacular illumination on the side of the wall. The wall on the right, about two meters high, is completely illuminated by INGROUND110 recessed luminaries with adjustable narrow beam.

The recessed wall-mounted NADIR with asymmetric optic, placed at the entrance of the terrace, provide the general illumination of the terrace. The passages among the isles are illuminated with INGROUND25 in stainless steel, arranged in line.

A multimedia system manages all the devices to create various lighting effects based on the type of event.

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