Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Architect: Scott Brownrigg

KLOU180 bollard realized by Arcluce has been used in the external illumination of 101 Cambridge, the building located at the entrance of Cambridge Science Park, the scientific and technological park created in 1970 in Cambridge.

101 Cambridge is the last one added to the complex, which unifies more than 100 groundbreaking companies in the scientific-technological research.

Pedestrian avenues and areas across the building are illuminated by KLOU180 bollards, specifically designed for the lighting of this architectural details. The bollards are in their screened light version, in order to minimize the glare and with a 35W metal halides lamp. Around the building 50mm KLOU180 have been used to present a low but sufficient profile for the orientation, thank to high vertical lighting levels, for the safe pedestrians passage.

Furthermore, in order to comply with the specific projects technical details and the compulsory requirements of local authorities, also 1000mm KLOU180 version has been used, equipped with a further 180° shield to efficiently limit back lighting effects. Once again, these have been specified with the 35W one, with metal halide, and have produced the high vertical lighting levels required, while the low assembly highness and the additional control measurements assured a minimum glare and back lighting, complying with the strict planning guide lines.

KLOU180 includes a die-cast aluminum extrusion with a powder polyester layer, for a long-term, professional finish. At the end, an unbreakable polycarbonate lent assures the maximum protection against acts of vandalism.

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