Lighting Effects

Rotationally symmetric projector combining source power with a variety of beams, able to diversify the light effects. The partial separation between optical and wiring compartment enables component cooling, this gives the fitting an original shape.

  • Die-cast aluminium body and trim, elegant and resistant
  • Silicone gaskets guarantee a strong seal in order to maintain the IP rating
  • Thermal-shock resistant tempered glass screen
  • Adjustable scale for full customisation of the light angles
  • Assorted powers and otpics to achieve variety of effects
  • Wide range of colour temperatures to ensure adaptability to projects requirements
Ideal solution to illuminate building exteriors, architectural elements and wide outdoor spaces.
PANTHEON pantheon
Product Configurator

Moholt Student Village, Trondheim

Many PANTHEON2 floodlights installations light Trondheim's largest student village, in Norway.

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