Location: Melbourne, Australia

Our partner Advanced Lighting Technologies was involved in the total refurbishment project of the existing building’s interior lighting and part of the outdoor spaces of St Paul’s Primary School, one of the oldest Catholic schools of the Coburg neighborhood in Melbourne (opened in 1851).

The aim of the project was to create new spaces featuring modern shapes and elements while also echoing the school’s history. Outside, two new car parks and a recreational area were also constructed, including shade structures, seating areas and landscaping work, for which Advanced Lighting Technologies decided to supply GOTHIC180 bollards in its radial optics version.

Indoors, the practical and versatile RIGO51 modular system was chosen for creating uninterrupted lines of light along ceilings, enhancing surroundings with its elegant design. Four RIGO51 with length 1403 and 8 RIGO51 with length 2246 in its comfort version (with opal diffuser) were selected to illuminate the main corridors of the school connecting several classrooms and learning spaces, by ensuring maximum visual comfort.

One of the challenging part of the project was the void overhead the corridors were RIGO51 modular system was to be installed, thus structural engineers came up with this solution: placing a beam from wall to wall so that RIGO51 could be mounted to.

Advanced Lighting Technologies stated about the project: “The outcome is a remarkable lighting solution offering quality illumination that blends functionality with beautiful European design.”

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