Continuum - Miami, Florida, USA

Location: South Beach, Miami, Florida

The Continuum, formerly known as “Continuum on South Beach,” is a residential complex comprising two gigantic towers at the southern point of South of Fifth, Miami. The award-winning ArquitectonicaGEO was appointed for the renovation project of the Continuum’s entrance drive from the South of Fifth public roadway leading to the entrance of the property, through to the Upper Rotunda situated between the two towers.

ArquitectonicaGEO decided to collaborate with our partner, Infinity Architectural Lighting, who selected Arcluce to provide lighting fixtures for this multi-million dollar renovating project, the purpose of which was to transform and embellish the outdoor space so to encourage residents in increasing their outdoor living in harmony with nature just in front of their places.

QUADRIO180 bollards and post tops were chosen to stylishly illuminate the outdoor area that includes two roundabouts, the gatehouse, new pavers, a new fountain, and extensive landscaping embellished by many trees and plants. Arcluce QUADRIO180 combine a squared, elegant shape with radial optics specially designed to ensure the pleasant lighting effects that reduce light pollution and enhance the beauty of the residential complex.

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