Innovative urban light fixture, marked by a simple but modern design and a strong structure, able to host three radial optics LED sources.

The latest arrival in urban lighting, Soul180 is marked by a innovative and unique design, with its characteristic round and sleek lines.

Designed to smoothly integrate with urban and residential spaces, Soul180 easily fits every possibile architectural and environmental requirement, representing the ideal option to add style and personality to your projects without compromising on efficiency or quality.

Soul180, innovative urban light fixture
Soul180, innovative urban light fixture

Soul180, bollards and urban bollards

Soul180 range includes a bollard and urban lighting appliance, available with three different heights, sharing a robust aluminium structure, able to ensure a very high protection rating. Three radial optics LED sources enable a diffused and very homogeneous light, without requiring additional screens, thus minimizing light pollution.

Soul180 proves to be a functional and elegant solution for illuminating residential exteriors, pedestrian routes, green areas, parking and public spaces.

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