IP68 Certified Products in AISI 316L stainless steel

Arcluce can offer a range of IP68 certified light fittings, suitable for interior and exterior lighting, also in wet environments characterized by vapours and water sprays.

These products are the lighting solution for illuminate saunas and steam rooms in spa and wellness centres, or for the installation on the side of fountains, or also for sea environments, piers and seafronts.
With AISI 316L stainless steel marine grade trim and body and silicone rubber gaskets, these fittings are designed to last also in critic environments and in presence of salinity. They combine robustness to an elegant design and to a wide optic range, different powers and colour temperatures, in order to meet every lighting project requirements.

IP68 products:

  • INGROUND25, INGROUND55 and STONE25, STONE55 recessed floor fittings
  • THUNDER25, THUNDER55 recessed wall fittings
  • TITO25, TITO55 floodlights

Among IP68 certified products, stand out TITO25 and TITO55 floodlights, also offering the possibility to be submerged to a depth of up to 1 metre and, in full immersion, to resist to chlorinated water, perfect in pools.


TITO25 and TITO55
TITO25, the smallest floodlight of Arcluce range, is installed in submersion and enhance the baths of a garden on a terrace in Milan. In the same context, in the fountain, TITO55 floodlights light the waterfall of the lateral balcony, creating light effects with the water surface and providing a spectacular lighting.

TITO55 floodlights, thanks to the diffuse optic, enhance the fascinating statue of the fountain of an elegant hotel, in the heart of Milan. All products are installed in the water, in complete submersion, in order to enhance the waterfall final effect, on the back of the statue.

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Arcluce IP68 Certified Products

INGROUND55 floodlights, with an RGB optic, are used for liven up the water effects of a square fountain with the different colours. Or also, in a city park, they are installed under the continuous water sprays of a spectacular fountain.

Arcluce Inground55 IP68