Lighting Effects

Urban lighting between innovation and efficiency

Elegant and functional lighting solution, LUNIO Street is the pole top luminaire for urban lighting provided with high performance optics that generate a light perfectly directed on the street, without producing light pollution. It can be equipped with the latest technologies for smart lighting and energy efficiency.  

  • Modern and elegant design, able to integrate into any urban environment 
  • Applications: public lighting of streets, cycle paths, squares, parks, avenues and pedestrian areas
  • Versions: LUNIO Street is available with street and radial optics adn different color temperatures; it is customizable with single/double pole attachment, or it can be installed with wall arm
  • Bi-power system to design and optimize power and consumption
LUNIO-STREET lunio-street
Product Configurator

Staup Helsehus, Levanger

Lunio urban Street light fittings were installed to illuminate the exterior of the building. Thanks to the high-performance lenses and LED sources, these fittings give both an optical and energy-saving efficiency.

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